Titanic Suites | Keeping your team motivated

Keeping your team motivated

Your team are the trusted individuals you have chosen to help you to carry and grow your business. You want them to be productive, helpful and dedicated. But they’re human, so sometimes can become demotivated. Here at Titanic Suites Belfast, we have a few thoughts to share with you about keeping your team motivated.

Provide them with a pleasant space to work

Having a clean, relaxed environment for your staff will do wonders for productivity. Here at Titanic Suites, we are proud to offer flexible office solutions in Belfast. We have services such as serviced offices, virtual office, call answering and admin, meeting rooms and focus suites. Having these services at the tips of your fingers could be a major plus for your staff and could help in keeping your team motivated.

Set goals

In one study, 63 percent of employees reported that they wasted time at work because they weren't aware of what work was a priority, and what wasn't. Setting targets, goals and priorities with your team can keep them on track and encourage collaboration and working towards mutual goals.

Celebrate successes and don’t punish failures

When your team does well, make it known to them that you are happy with their work. Uplifting words can lift employees’ morale and motivation. If a member of staff makes a mistake, talking through where they went wrong and suggesting ways to improve the next time is our suggested way of keeping the staff member motivated.

Lead with emotional intelligence

Especially during these uncertain, dull times, it’s important to consider how offering emotional support could be a key way of keeping your team motivated. Understanding their point of view, the stresses that they might be dealing with due to COVID-19, and making yourself available as support, can be invaluable to employees.

Create a positive work environment

While the office space you work in is extremely important in keeping your team motivated, you must consider the impact that creating a positive and harmonious work environment will have employees. Mutual respect and boundary setting between the team members are surefire ways to keep the mood positive in work. Click here to read more.

In short, here at Titanic Suites, we can help you in keeping your team motivated. We offer relaxed, spacious and open Belfast office spaces with a great community feeling within. We also have lots of tips to keep the morale high. Interested in viewing our offices? Click here to contact.