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How to Create a Harmonious Work Environment

Who doesn’t want to spend 8:30am - 5:30pm every day in an agreeable, sociable, harmonious work environment? The atmosphere in an office can make or break how you feel about your job. While there are bound to be disagreements and heads that butt sometimes, overall everyone should aim to make their workplace a nice place to be. Here at Titanic Suites, we’ve got some advice for how to create a harmonious work environment.

Positive Comments and Gratitude

As simple as this sounds, everyone loves a compliment! If you think someone’s doing a great job, tell them! Saying things like, ‘I like working with you because…’ or ‘I’ve noticed a huge improvement in your work,’ or ‘The team couldn’t have achieved x,y or z without your input,’ could make someone’s day and shows your appreciation. Why not start your meetings with positive things that have happened since the last meeting? For example, ‘congratulations to us all for securing the new client!’ Showing gratitude to other members of your team and being specific about why you’re thankful for what they did is a surefire way to lift the mood in the office too.

Work/Life Balance

Here at Titanic Suites, we believe that the more patience and empathy that is shown to staff for things affecting them outside of work, the more dedication and willingness to give 100% comes from the staff. An employer who expects 100% at all times and doesn’t give back to their staff will soon notice a decline in morale, and a cold atmosphere in the office! Like any relationship in life, it is give and take.


It doesn’t matter how much a member of staff enjoys their job. Belfast is a city full of career driven individuals. If they are ambitious, they will become restless if there is no way to move up in their career. Providing possibilities of promotion and development to work towards is a great way to keep staff motivated and morale high.

Be Open-Minded and Open Eared

Listening to what your staff have to say is a crucial ingredient in the recipe for a harmonious work environment. Encouraging your staff to be creative and voice their ideas and opinions will lead to a collaborative, vibrant workplace. Also, taking into account any qualms or queries that your team might have and dealing with them compassionately is a no brainer too!

It may seem like there are lots of balls to juggle to achieve a harmonious work environment, but our Titanic Suites Advice to you is to treat your staff and coworkers with respect and compassion. You will receive the same back, and your workplace will become more fun and united!

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