Titanic Suites | Finding the Right Office Space For You

Finding The Right Office Space For You

Finding the right office space for you is more complex that it might seem at first glance. Your space affects everything; your staff morale, the day to day running of your business and of course, the impression you give to potential and current clients. Here at Titanic Suites, we’ve cultivated a list of factors to consider when finding the right office space for you.


First things first, location. Where is the office situated? Is the area safe? Are there restaurants, gyms, bars and shops nearby? Think about things that your staff and clients will like. Is it easy for them to get to? Consider public transport routes and parking options.


An obvious one, is price. Spending too little will leave you with an office you’re unhappy with, but spending too much will put your business in danger. Carefully analyse your budget and be sure to enquire about hidden costs such as parking or maintenance.


Moving into an office built for three or four is fine, but when your team begins to grow you’ll have to uproot and change rooms. Be sure to consider the potential for growth your business has and whether new team members are on the cards. Is there a dedicated place for meeting with clients, such as a board room or an area in your actual office? What about a recreational space for staff to eat their lunch, have a chat or enjoy a cup of tea? Have you considered if there is a kitchen equipped with a sink, microwave and kettle? These could come in handy for sure.


If you’re trying to craft your business’ brand, it’s worth analysing the style of the office. For example, a very corporate building may not suit a creative startup company. Can you customise and decorate your space however you want, or must you stick to strict guidelines? Is it a space that you would be proud of?


Unless you’re happy with an unbendable five year lease, you might want to ask about flexibility. The commitment to a long lease is often what puts business owners off taking the office plunge. When finding the right office space for you, consider what extras are available to you. For example, here at Titanic Suites, we offer meeting rooms, call and mail handling, inhouse cleaners, speedy wifi and 24 hour access, to name a few.

There’s a lot to consider when finding the right office space for you. Don’t skip over any though, if you intend on finding a place to stay.