Titanic Suites | Why Solicitor Firms Love Our Call Answering Service

Why Solicitor Firms Love Our Call Answering Service

You're probably thinking, what even is a call answering service? Do we need it?

Our team specialise in answering calls for our clients on behalf of their company, the team act as a receptionist who is working with you and your team. Our receptionists answer in your company name, they’ll know your staff members and pass messages onto them efficiently.

We already have a wide range of solicitor firms which we answer calls for, our team are well-versed in the terms and processes involved in work your firm may be doing, they can even help in making appointments and getting sufficient details off of your callers.

Our call answering service has proven extremely popular among many solicitor firms throughout Northern Ireland. It can have limitless benefits to your business.

It doesn’t need to be all of your calls!

I know it sounds extremely scary having someone you don’t know answering your calls on behalf of your business, we understand this! Maybe you have a full-time receptionist who answers all the calls that she can? All you need to do is set up a simple call forward and we can answer the calls she isn’t able to get. This means majority of the time; your actual team can still get your calls.

Many of our clients have full reception teams but due to staff illnesses, covid, annual leave and lunch breaks, many of their calls have been going to answering machine. They use us as an overflow service to collect their messages and inform their callers that a member of the team will get back to them as soon as they’re free.

It will free up your team’s time

Have you ever been trying to finish a project or documents while working to a deadline and the phone won’t stop ringing!?

We understand how frustrating this can be, we can inform callers that you are not free now and take their details for you to return their call when you’re free. This looks a lot better to your clients instead of not answering the phone at all.

Many receptionists were made redundant during the covid-19 pandemic and most teams retreated to working from home. This resulted in the team using mobiles and clients contacting the team directly. As the economy and working life is starting to get increasingly busier, this really can’t go on. Secretary’s and solicitors will be able to get back to their client’s in their own time.

All messages in one place

Having your messages emailed to you means you can prioritise these yourself and work through your inbox in order of importance. It reduces the risk of being caught off guard about a case that you haven’t had the chance to look at yet. You should be able to get back to your messages in your own time.

Local and professional staff

Our reception team is made up of local and professional staff. They’re fully aware of surrounding areas, can give directions to your office and recognise addresses. As previously stated, we already have several solicitors we answer calls for. We know how important your clients are and how they must be treated. Complete confidentiality is massive here at Titanic Suites, our reception team also greet your callers with a friendly tone and will have empathy for distressed callers.

PS, our team also work in our building in Belfast City Centre, this means you can call in to say hello and meet the team that will be handling your calls at any point!

A fraction of the cost of a receptionist

We know the investment involved in taking on extra staff, this can run a risk especially during unexpected quiet times. Here at Titanic Suites, we have multiple packages to suit different types of businesses starting at only £15 per month.

If you’re only expecting us to answer your calls during your team’s breaks, our standard package has 25 minutes inclusive for the whole month and is only £30 per month. It is really an affordable option which will greatly help your business and can improve client satisfaction and trust.

If you’d like to enquire about how we can help your business, Contact Us today.

Alternatively, take a look on our website at our packages and benefits of Call Answering!