Titanic Suites | Why should I choose a serviced office?

Why should I choose a serviced office?

Traditional office leases are a dying breed. With an array of start-ups cropping up every year and corporate businesses expanding at whirlwind rates, more and more people are going for the most flexible option: serviced office space. What makes serviced office space the superior option?

Serviced office space is proving popular with businesses for three main reasons: facilities, flexibility and freedom. Start-ups in their infancy are unpredictable: one minute they require three desk spaces, the next a whole floor- leases need to facilitate this.

Running your company from a serviced office is also the most cost-effective option. A recent survey by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply revealed that overall savings of up to 78% were made in the serviced option.

Transparent, ‘no strings’ costs and instant access to facilities and services mean a workforce can get down to business as soon as they move into the building. Workspaces are fully furnished, well equipped and already have essentials like ICT infrastructure installed, making the move to a serviced office a seamless one.