Titanic Suites | Why call management is essential for your business

Why call management is essential for your business

You miss a call from a prospective client, but it's okay, they'll phone you back. Well, statistically speaking, most won't call you back, in fact, 85% of customers will not call again if their initial call is missed. You could call them back, but it's not the first impression you were hoping to make.

Opening your proposal with a, "Sorry, I was..." isn't nearly effective as a simple "Hello". It may seem unfair, but if you can't manage your calls, potential leads will doubt the quality of your service. Being the best in your field becomes irrelevant when the competition is greeting your customers ahead of you. At Titanic suites, we've listened to business owners facing this exact problem and offered bespoke solutions, read more.

Firstly, what is call management?

The self-descriptive process allows you to manage inbound calls through logging software and customer management systems. Call management can help businesses to personalise calls, log details and segment different caller types. While the process is often associated with larger firms, it is equally effective for small businesses.

Small business owners often point out the difficulties in prioritising call inquiries and managing the volume of calls. If you're dependant on phone calls for sales, leads and to reach new customers, call management must be part of your strategy.

What's the difference between call management and a receptionist?

The first significant difference between these approaches is cost, employing a receptionist is expensive. While you may not be getting calls all the time, you will be paying your receptionist a constant hourly wage. In the UK, receptionists spend less than a quarter of their hours dealing with customers, reiterating the value issue.

Call management focuses solely on inbound phone sales and queries. If 76% of your receptionist budget isn't increasing sales or nurturing leads, is it necessary? You will also save on massive overheads such as office space and the amenities needed to host a new staff member.

Call management services by Titanic Suites Belfast.

At Titanic Suites, we offer bespoke call management services, based directly on the numbers of calls you receive. With the Pay-As-You-Go package, you only pay when one of our professionals are fielding calls about your business. The payment plans aren't the only personalised element of our call management service.

Unlike other generic services, Titanic Suites staff will be well versed in what your leads expect to hear and what your business can offer. We take time to research your business and develop a complete understanding of what you can provide. When you are being bombarded with queries, it can help when they are segmented at the source.

Value your time with call management.

If calls have become a distraction from your primary work, call management is a must. Speak to us today and allow yourself to get back to work. Our team can set up your call management account or more extensive office suite services in just 24 hours.

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