Titanic Suites | What is a virtual office?

What is a virtual office?

Location, location, location; it's as important in business as it is in homes and filling daytime television slots. If you're an entrepreneur or startup owner, you probably aren't overlooking the city in one window and the riverside on the other. Instead, your natural habitat is online, with your customers, clients and connections. Your digital property is an essential foothold, but could it be time for an extension that improves your business presence?

At Titanic Suites we have an office solution that bolsters your online presence but also gives you a prestigious physical address.

Introducing the Virtual Office.

Whether you are starting out or scaling up, a virtual office can add value to your business. A virtual office can help organise your company around a central focal point for your communications, meetings and even calls. Without sounding cliched, virtual offices were for and by entrepreneurs. They are flexible in how often you use the physical options, if at all, but provide a solid logistical spine.

Your online office is open 24-hours per day and is accessible from anywhere. Emails, letters and calls can be managed in one convenient place.

How do virtual offices work?

Firstly, the virtual office affords you an address, with Titanic Suites, this address is in Belfast city centre just metres from City Hall. You can choose to collect your post from here or set up a mail re-direct. Adding a central location to your business card and online profiles adds substance when approaching new clients and customers.

Titanic Suites' virtual residents also find that the additional address helps separate work and home.

Call management is available through Titanic Suites, meaning customers are greeted using your business name by a local voice. If you would like to learn more about call management-only options, click here.

Can virtual offices provide a physical location?

Yes, with Titanic Suites, you can use meeting rooms as and when you need them depending on the package you choose. Unlike traditional rentals, you avoid the financial commitment that may be a burden on your business.

When you choose to use meeting rooms or offices, you will be using some of Belfast's most sophisticated suites. Our meeting rooms are equipped with LCD projectors, allow for USB meeting recording and streaming facilities to allow for conference calls. For more interminable meetings, AGMs or if you are hosting a micro-networking event, we offer event staff, catering and refreshments.

Who uses virtual offices?

Virtual offices are increasingly popular with self-employed business owners, consultants and on-the-move workers. At Titanic suites, some established clients use the offices to improve on existing addresses while they scale up their business.

The flexible nature of a virtual office can add substance to those who work mostly from home or in a client's office.

As more and more digital companies appear across the UK & Ireland, a sophisticated address can differentiate your company. If you think you could benefit from a virtual office, speak to one of the team now and improve your brand real estate. Contact us now.