Titanic Suites | What Is A Call Answering Service Used For?

What Is A Call Answering Service Used For?

Every business has disruptions when it comes to annual leave and breaks which every team member is entitled to. From a manager’s point of view, it can be difficult to get reliable staff to cover when your team are off without any downtime. This is just another beneficial reason to have an overflow call answering service. From just £15 per month, you can have your overflow calls forwarded to our call answering service, which means you’ll have pre trained staff answering your calls, so you aren’t missing any enquiries.

Maternity Leave Cover

Most businesses must hire someone full time to cover any maternity leave within the workplace. If the job that needs covered involves taking calls, this can be put onto your call answering service to forward messages or transfer calls to the correct person within the company. Our packages start off from just £15 per month, therefore this can save your company money and downtime that it’ll take to train someone.


Sickness happens! Especially at the moment, with covid. Even when you’re able to work, you still have to isolate until you test negative on a lateral flow test. Sickness in the workplace can be extremely disruptive when you don’t have any cover for receptionists. By simply having your calls forwarded to our reception team, we can answer your calls on little to no notice.

Annual Leave and Breaks

More anticipated leave would be breaks and holidays. This isn’t that bad as it can be prepared for. You can have any calls covered by our team for annual leave throughout the year and you can even have your calls switched over for lunch time or if your receptionist has an appointment.

When Everyone Is Just Too Busy

One of the great things about our call answering service is you can pick and choose when we answer your calls. During busy periods, having a hand with phone calls can be so helpful. If you have a big project or an event to plan for, your customer service can easily slip. Management might view some phone calls as unimportant but they’re vital to your customer journey. Having messages forwarded to your team rather than them having to take the calls can improve productivity as they can prioritise their workload during busy periods.

We have many clients which use our call answering service for different reasons. Some of our clients use us as their sole reception team as it saves money, but most clients use us as an overflow to help keep the quality of their customer service as high as possible.

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