Titanic Suites | What do Titanic Suites offer?

What do Titanic Suites offer?

Titanic Suites’ services have been invaluable for a multitude of business of all shapes and sizes across Northern Ireland for several years. But, what is it exactly that we do, and could our services be just what your business needs?

We offer a range of services from serviced office space, to call management, virtual offices and more – all offering value in the form of time-saving, cost-saving and improving customer experiences for our clients’ businesses. Let’s deep-dive into Titanic Suites’ offerings so you can find out a little more about what we can do for you.

Serviced office space

Our serviced office spaces are our primary offering for businesses. Serviced office take-up in the UK increased by 157% in 2017, according to a 2018 report from Savills, with London seeing a 141% increase while demand in regional markets rose by a whopping 406%.

But, what’s the difference between a serviced office and a regular office and what makes them so increasingly popular for modern businesses?

Serviced offices include everything from line rental, to internet access, office equipment and more as well as being flexible. For the likes of leased office spaces, you need to sign a contract that will tie you in for 3-5 years at a time. However, when you're a small, growing business; there’s no way to tell where you could be 5 years from now. Serviced offices allow for businesses the freedom to expand at their own pace or downgrade their space requirements at any time. This type of flexibility and all-inclusive offering is perfect for Northern Irish businesses as start-ups, or in a stage of growth and uncertainty.

With a varied range of office space available for any size of business, Titanic Suites can offer you the flexible environment needed to grow your business. Large open plan spaces are also available, subject to availability. Enquire about serviced office space.

Virtual office

Richard Ramsey, Chief Economist at Ulster Bank commented on business in Northern Ireland: “Entrepreneurial activity has been broadly following an upward trend over the last decade, particularly among the younger generation”.

For these entrepreneurs growing their businesses from home, small businesses and start-ups, putting down your flag in one office space might not make sense – or may simply not be financially viable. However, having a prestigious city-based business address and access to professional meeting space can provide your business the substance and impression of establishment that prospective clients always look for.

Virtual office space allows you to adopt our Belfast City location for your company’s trading address, with the options to also make use of our meeting spaces and take full advantage of our call management services to give you an edge of professionalism as well as mail handling. What’s more, this is highly viable for businesses of any size with prices starting from just £20 per month.

We understand that no business is the same, so we have several bespoke options available. Find out more about our virtual office spaces here.

Call management

According to Invoca, 65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone. In addition, a BT survey has shown that 85% of callers will not call back if their call is not answered first time.

Small business owners often point out the difficulties in prioritising call inquiries and managing the volume of calls. How much business does your company lose each year by missing calls? How much more could you get done in a day if all your calls were handled by a professional team who pass messages through to you by email, allowing you to respond to calls when it suits you?

At Titanic Suites, as part of a package or as a standalone service, we offer bespoke call management, based directly on the numbers of calls you receive, allowing you to adopt a geographic or non-geographic business phone number. With the Pay-As-You-Go package, you only pay when one of our professionals are fielding calls about your business.

Unlike other generic services, Titanic Suites staff will be well versed in what your leads expect to hear and what your business can offer. We take time to research your business and develop a complete understanding of what you can provide. When you are being bombarded with queries, it can help when they are segmented at the source. Find out more about our call management services here.

Whichever service we are offering, we are dedicated to helping businesses in Northern Ireland succeed. If you think your business can benefit from any of these services or if you have any questions about other services we offer such as our Meeting Rooms and Focus Suites, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Titanic Suites team and let us know how we can help!