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Top Tips For Staying Productive In The Office

Top tips for staying productive in work

There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re in a slump in work, the days drag, and you feel as if you’re not accomplishing anything.

Especially during the summer months, it can be so difficult with your colleagues jetting off on their holidays. We’ve put together some tips to help your productivity in work, that’ll help your week fly in!

Keep your workspace clean and tidy

A decluttered desk means a decluttered mind! Keep on top of your filing and ensure your desk is clear at all times, this can help you from getting distracted and lets be honest, it is a lot nicer to work from an area that is tidy.

Keep a ‘to do’ list

Get your most dreaded task out of the way! We all have those tasks in work that you put off for as long as possible. Get it done at the beginning of the day, you won’t need to dread it anymore. By prioritising your workload, this can help your day run smoothly. By having a daily itinerary, your whole day is planned for you! It will make your day go much faster. Once your daily ‘to do’ list has been completed, you will feel so much more accomplished.

Actually take your breaks!

Eating lunch at your desk, still taking phone calls, replying to emails means that you’re not actually on your break. Be sure to completely detach and reclaim your break, sit in a separate room away from your phone and laptop, watch your favourite show and relax for your lunch hour.

Take short breaks throughout the day

Taking short breaks can help you from switching off when you’re supposed to be working! Go to your favourite coffee shop, take a short walk or call a friend. This gives your brain a little refresh and gives your eyes a rest from the computer screen.

Listen to music

Most people are more productive when they have background noise, whether this is music, a podcast or even nature sounds. Listening to your favourite music can make you feel more awake, productive and simply put you in a better mood.

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