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Titanic suites Office Space - Getting Ready to Return to the Office

By now we have all gotten used to working from home, we can’t say we haven’t enjoyed some of the perks like rolling out of bed at 8.50am or working in our lounge wear but I think it is time we get back to the office. Titanic Suites have Office Space available for you!

Our Office Space

At Titanic Suites we have Flexible Office Space readily available for your business to ease back into the ‘old days’. The Titanic Suites team makes it our priority to make your office solution as simple and flexible as possible. We want to help your business to thrive!

Coming back to the Office will be a huge change for everyone, even if you do feel ready it will be an adjustment. Titanic Suites are here to help, we put you first in every way! We know it is going to be daunting returning to work where you will be interacting with different people everyday but we have safety measures in place to protect you throughout your working day including;

  • Two-metre rule

  • Hand sanitiser available

  • We offer in-house cleaning

Titanic Suites Office Space

We pride ourselves in the services we offer throughout our building. When you come to Titanic Suites for your Office Space you can take advantage of additional services such as:

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Call Answering

  • Mail Handling

  • High-speed Internet

  • Belfast City Centre address

  • Office Furniture

Getting back to the Office

Let’s face it, there are some pros to working from home but it just isn’t the same as being in the office. When you are in the office your day is structured, you aren’t living where you work, you can enjoy adult conversations and when you use Titanic Suites Office Space you are in the heart of Belfast City Centre! As one of Northern Ireland’s most vibrant and beautiful cities you have everything at your doorstep. We are located in Adelaide Street, behind Belfast City Hall. Surrounding Titanic Suites Office Space you have an endless amount of choices when it comes to your morning coffee or your lunchtime meal. Not to mention our beautiful interior as well!

Titanic Suites Office Space is here waiting for you whenever you are ready to come back into the office, whether it is full time or hybrid working.

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