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Titanic Suites Business Landline Numbers

Although we always have our smartphones at hand with a mobile number and all aspects of social media, prospective clients tend to have more trust in businesses that have a Business Landline Number. At Titanic Suites, we offer your company a Belfast Business Landline Number as well as a Belfast City Centre Office address.

Benefits of a Business Landline Number

It is essential that businesses have not only a business address but also a trusted business landline number, as this shows authenticity and professionalism. There are many benefits to Titanic Suites Business Landline Number, this state-of-the-art phone system allows you to pick up calls when you are on the go by forwarding landline calls to your mobile when you are out of office.

With our Business Landline Number service you will no longer have to give out your personal phone number to clients and you can enjoy the peace and quiet of no work calls at the weekend. This service ensures better customer service for your clients and better internal system so that your business can better itself from the inside out. It is affordable too! Our business landline service starts from £7.50 per month.

And of course, the obvious benefit of a Belfast City Centre Business Landline Address!

What our Business Landline Number Includes

Alongside all these benefits of Titanic Suites Business Landline Number service, take a look at what is included for your business:

  • UK Landline Number
  • Non UK Landline Number
  • Voicemail to Email
  • On the go App
  • Outbound calls made from your Business Landline
  • Ring back music for advertising
  • Auto Attending Lunch & Holidays covered by Titanic Suites reception
  • Sub Menus

We are here to help your business grow in any way we can and offering a Business Landline Number is just one of the many ways we can do so! Contact us today to find out more about this service.