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Tips for Returning to the Office in 2021

After the news hit in 2020 regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses went into panic mode and for most of them, they took a hit while trying to migrate to a completely different working model than what everyone was used to.

Most businesses are starting to return to the office again. A recent study by Finder showed that “26% of Brits plan to continue to work from home permanently or occasionally after lockdown.” Majority of the working population are planning on coming back to the office whether that’s full time or part time.

We’re noticing a large number of businesses bringing their staff back into the office on a rota basis to ease them back into working in the office again.

We know how daunting it can be coming back to work in an office after a year of working from home. So, we’ve put together some tips on returning to the office to ensure maximum productivity.

Set your Goals for the Day

To do list

To-do lists are a fantastic way of clearly outlining everything you need to get done in that day.

After completing a task, make sure to tick off what you have completed. We find this always helps to remind you what you’ve achieved during the day! If you set goals to have a certain number of tasks done before each break, this usually motivates you to get your tasks completed rapidly and without interruptions.

Get some Fresh Air on your Breaks

City Hall Belfast

We definitely notice how beneficial it is to get some fresh air on your breaks. Here at Titanic Suites, we are directly behind the City Hall, this is such a good spot to eat your lunch.

Sometimes some cold and fresh air can make you feel awake and refreshed. Something everyone needs when working at a computer all day!

Bring in your own healthy Lunch

Healthy Lunch pic

It can be terribly difficult to eat healthy during the week. Meal prep is not what anyone wants to be doing in the evenings but bringing in your own healthy lunch can help you avoid feeling sluggish and bloated after lunch. (Something McDonalds definitely does!)

Don’t overload on the Caffeine

Returning to office

Trying to get over that morning slump is so hard without coffee or tea! Although the biggest mistake you can make is overloading on the caffeine when in work.

What goes up must come down!

Drinking too much caffeine can also result in anxiety and may affect how you sleep. There is nothing worse than having a bad sleep when you’ve to go to work the next day.

Following these tips can definitely help you feel motivated and can make you feel more alert in work!

Returning to the office after a whole year of working from home won’t be easy but after getting up in the morning and actually showering, putting clothes and makeup on, you’ll feel ready for the day.

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