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The Top 5 Office Décor Trends for 2021

Office Space

Our team recognises the importance of customising your workspace to suit your business’s unique needs. That is why our office spaces are available as a blank canvas for you to plan, decorate and customise with ease and in line with your team’s ever-changing needs.

Despite the current work from home guidelines, we recognise the important of having a space that works for you in the post-pandemic future. That’s why we’ve caught up with Moira McKenna, Managing Director of Desks International to discuss the top interiors trends for office spaces this year.

“Desks International has been providing contract furniture solutions for 39 years and promotes flexibility for clients to find the right furniture to suit their needs,” says Moira. “We supply functional and ergonomic office furniture to reach our overall aim of adapting the work environment to meet users’ needs and facilitate their well-being. As more employers recognise that quality furniture is an investment to increase productivity and not an expense as it was considered in the past, more employers are seeking out bespoke solutions that fit their unique ways of working, their brand, and support their staff to help make their jobs easier.”

Acoustic Comfort

Acoustic Comfort

As video conferencing becomes more prevalent, employers are being advised to improve the acoustic surroundings of their workplaces. By doing so, you are not only creating the perfect space for video conferencing with your clients and staff, you are also able to offer isolated areas within the office. This option to isolate is especially relevant given the current Covid-19 guidelines which ask for social distancing in the workplace where possible.

Our Zone Out Acoustic Booths are growing in popularity for usage as either as a single user unit or to facilitate meetings for two people. The fact that these units can be assembled easily and relocated to a different space or building makes them a cost-effective investment that will stay with your company for years to come. The addition of air purifiers and lighting in these units also make them highly relevant for a more health and safety-conscious workplace post-pandemic. The Circuit media range is also suitable for video conferencing with flexible table and acoustic seating for single user or presentation purposes.


Resimercial Design

Following nearly a year of casual work-from-home set-ups, return to working in the office will be a different experience as employers wish to invest in furniture solutions that make staff feel good and confident that their working environment is both safe and homely. Now that it has been proven that many companies can function in a virtual scenario, finding homely touches that incentivise members of staff coming into the office will offer a draw to encourage staff back into the workplace.

The Resimercial Design concept has emerged as a result of this and encourages the merger of residential and commercial features to make employees feel at home when they are in the workplace. Additions such as soft seating, coffee stations and break-out areas allow you to adopt the Resimercial Design. Having fun with a homey colour palette rather than traditional primary colours is a great way to incorporate the Resimercial Design aesthetic as well as bringing warm tones and textures into the space. Our Robin desking with wooden legs brings a hint of home to office furnishings by introducing wooden accents to the corporate space.

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Open Space

The Open Space trend emerged a number of years ago when large corporations brought down the walls between executive offices and eliminated the cubicle. The open concept trend continues to grow due to its contribution to positive mental health for employees and the affordance of more natural light – a mood enhancer. The trend is also particularly suitable to current Covid-guidelines within the workspace as it allows desks and seating to be placed six feet apart (depending on the number of employees and square footage of the office space). Open Space also allows for better air flow throughout the office.

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Modular Furniture

Contributing to the Open Space trend, modular furniture is on the rise in 2021. Modular Furniture can be easily moved when necessary and can be a cost-effective method to furnish your open plan office space. Pieces that adapt to your team’s needs and can easily be re-adjusted to accommodate for social distancing and team growth as well as facilitating varying group configurations.

Furniture which can be stowed away like the Use Me Meeting Tables which are available at different heights and can accommodate iPads can be easily moved out of the way when not in use offering vast flexibility whilst the Lutz Mobile Sit Stand Desk offers workers to change their preferences between seated work and standing set-ups without relocating to workspaces. Working with the Resimercial Design, the Marea sofa has a flexible back and sides which can be raised for private meetings creating a separation within an Open Space office, but also offers domestic comfort through a homey appearance and plush cushioning. For teams practicing Agile working especially, the Zelie soft seating on castors is easy to reconfigure for impromptu informal group huddles or meetings.

The Sustainable office

As we enter a new year, sustainability continues to be front of mind for both consumers and business owners. Employers are now being encouraged to consider sustainability when designing their offices. There are a number of ways to build a sustainable workplace including re-purposing old office furniture, renting furniture, taking advantage of natural lighting and using passive ventilation. Desks International have available conference tables and training flip top tables for hire on a weekly basis to assist clients with one off events on their premises or temporary needs. Their team also sources products made with sustainable materials like the Solange Acoustic Screens which are available as desktop, freestanding, static or mobile and can now be sourced with a notice board. These screens are made from 100% recycled fibres and polyester fibre foam obtained from recycled plastic bottles.

With an added emphasis on health and safety, we continue to offer a wide range of glass and Perspex protect screens for desks and receptions to help ensure staff safety and ultimately minimise absences due to illnesses. Glass screens can be recycled and are now more cost effective due to the demand brought about by Covid-19.

Swingy Chairs

Feel Good Factor

The feel good factor of a comfortable chair with ergonomic features cannot be emphasised enough. When it comes to investing in desk furniture, the value of a well-fit and supportive desk char will never go out of style and will help your employee physical health in the long term. To ensure your company’s investment in chairs is made correctly, we offer chairs on trial to allow you to make sure you’re happy with your purchase before you make it.

We include adjustable armrests, sliding seat and a choice of mesh and fabric finishes on both Drumback and Kind Chairs as standard to ensure that our customers have the best experience and a lifetime enjoyment from their purchase.

To learn more about Titanic Suites’ customisable office spaces, you can enquire here. To explore your options for decorating your office spaces in a way to maximise efficiency, and ensure staff well-being please visit Desks International online.