Titanic Suites | New Year's Resolutions for the Office

New Year's Resolutions for the Office

Happy New Year from all of us at Titanic Suites. We hope that 2021 is filled with happiness and success for you. Have you set some New year’s resolutions for yourself? What about some new year’s resolutions for the office? Most of us spend a third of our lives at work. If we make positive changes in the office, it can affect other aspects of our lives positively. So, here is a list of small changes you can make that could transform your work life.

Eat Right

Bring a healthy packed lunch to work a few times a week. Stop ordering from Deliveroo! Not only will healthy food improve your concentration and sleep, it will improve your bank account too. As well as eating right, try to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Throw items that are out of date in the bin and clean up after yourself.

Get organised

If you’ve felt like you’ve coasted through some of your tasks and barely hit the deadlines this year, it’s time to get organised. Pick yourself up a 2021 planner and a notebook and write yourself a list at the beginning of every day. Stick to it and tick off each task as you do it.


The key to a dynamic, well oiled team is good communication. Communicating to your team about how your work is going, whether you are available to help them, and listening is all extremely important. Be aware of what needs addressed.


Be the positivity that your coworkers need on a dark Monday morning! Try to come into work with a good attitude and ready for the day. A good mood is contagious and you will notice the atmosphere in the office improve if you do this.

Push Yourself

In 2021, push yourself! Try new things in work and offer to help on projects you wouldn't usually work on. No experience is wasted and you will find work more fulfilling if you throw yourself into it. Plus, you’ll be the new star employee!

It’s 2021. Time for a fresh start and to introduce some new year’s resolutions for the office. Perhaps a good team building exercise could be to discuss which changes the team would be willing to make. Here at Titanic Suites, we believe that everyone is always learning, so set some goals and get started!