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In-Person Meetings VS Zoom Meetings

Before the pandemic, office culture in Belfast was huge. You would struggle to find companies that would offer their employee’s a ‘working from home’ package. Now, most businesses can run digitally. For some, they can run effectively but others face problems, such as lack of management and employee motivation.

Zoom meetings completely took over traditional meetings as we knew it back in March 2020. Now, we can have meetings at facilities in-person but are people really going to go back to that? We’ve weighed up the following factors to take into consideration when planning meetings.

  • Communication

In-person meetings will have much more efficient communication. With background noise of Zoom meetings, technical errors and mute mishaps, communication can very easily be broken. Whether it is with your team members or a potential client, communication is key.

  • Rapport with clients and employees

From experience, it is extremely difficult to get to know someone over a computer screen. Zoom calls can be awkward as you’re waiting for other people to finish talking before you begin. Being able to read body language is very important when building rapport with clients and employees.

  • Tech issues

We’ve all been there. Your internet cutting out mid-meeting or talking for about 10 minutes straight without realizing you’re frozen or on mute. There’s nothing worse! In-person meetings obviously removes all these awkward tech mishaps.

  • Business culture

With team or client meetings, the culture of having a coffee together and a chat before beginning formalities is vital. Having conversations and seeing people you haven’t seen in a while can be great, especially with people you work with. Having a good business culture will help motivation among your team.

  • Motivation

I think everyone can agree, when working from home you can start to become very lazy.

Still wearing pyjamas with no makeup or hair products by the end of the working day. When you get up to get washed, ready and dressed in the mornings, you will feel much more motivated. Your team will make more of an effort during their working day. Physically being with their team, will motivate team members to work that little bit harder. This can be extremely difficult with Zoom calls as people are usually just wanting Zoom calls to be over and done with.

  • Attention of employees and clients

When on Zoom, you may notice it’s a lot harder to keep everyone’s attention. With people distracted with background noise, tech issues and even just watching different members cameras, it’s really difficult to get your points across effectively. With in-person meetings, being able to keep eye contact and being able to present your pitch to everyone, it will be a lot more effective.

It seems there are endless benefits for In-Person meetings compared to Zoom meetings. Meeting people in person will give you the best outcomes when it comes to prospective clients and building rapport with team members.

Here at Titanic Suites, we have our well equipped meeting rooms available for hire. We can sit up to 8 people with social distancing in our boardroom and we can also facilitate zoom calls for any attendees who can't make it in.

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