Titanic Suites | How To Plan The Perfect Meeting

How To Plan The Perfect Meeting

So, you’ve been tasked to arrange a meeting for your team! Where to start?

We’ve put together some tips on how to plan an efficient and effective meeting for your team. We know how difficult it can be to have your team come together face-to-face in the new world of hybrid and remote working. Whether it’s a client meeting, team meeting or interviews, there are quite a few things you’ll need to think about to ensure every area of the meeting is covered.

Find The Perfect Room

Finding the perfect space for your team meeting can be difficult. There are meeting rooms across Belfast to suit every size requirement. In Titanic Suites, we have our Clarence boardroom for large meetings and our Adelaide Suite for more intimate get-togethers. You should always come to view the space initially to check the size and layout of the room suit your specific needs.

What Are The Requirements For The Meeting?

You need to figure out what exact requirements you will need for your meeting. Will people be dialing in via Zoom or telephone? Will the host be presenting? These are all requirements you need to check before booking your room to minimise last-minute hiccups! You should also consider whether you will need breakout space for a lunch slot or for members to take a phone call.

Top tip, always test the Wi-fi to reduce awkward buffering on Zoom calls!

Do You Need Refreshments For Your Team?

Depending on the length of the meeting, you will need to ensure there are adequate refreshments throughout the day for your team. Having tea and coffee on arrival and coffee breaks throughout can really help your team settle in and increase the productivity of the meeting. Here at Titanic Suites, we can supply any catering you may require from scones and hot breakfasts right through to hot lunches at your desired time.

The Logistics

You need to ensure your meeting is being held in the best location for your team! To ensure no late arrivals or difficulty parking, you will need to investigate the best routes to get to your meeting. Titanic Suites have a discount code for local car parks beside us and there is also on-street parking for your team. Titanic Suites is luckily very close to all main public transport stations.

If you have a meeting coming up or regularly hold team get-togethers, get in touch with our team at Titanic Suites today. We can show you around our building and our meeting rooms. You can test our ultra-fast Wi-fi and get a look at our delicious catering menu!