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How to Keep the Office Motivated Coming up to Christmas

Festive Season

The festive season is finally approaching! It can be so difficult to keep your team motivated during the Christmas period before everyone splits up for the break! When you know you’re approaching a long break after an extremely busy year, the last thing you want to do is work, especially when the week starts to drag in.

There are so many fun ways to keep your team motivated during the Christmas period. By incorporating some festive activities during lunchtime or quiet periods, these activities will be sure to keep good spirits throughout the workplace.

Christmas Decoration Day

You’re probably lying if you say you don’t enjoy putting Christmas decorations up! Setting a day for the team to join in and put the office Christmas decorations up together can be a fun activity for the office, especially if it gets the team away from their desk for an hour or two. Not to mention, it’ll take a lot less time with the whole team involved.

Hold a Festive Charity Event

Christmas is definitely the season for giving! With an unbelievable number of causes based in Belfast, it may be difficult to choose a charity to support during this time. I’ve put a couple options below!

The Cancer Fund for Children is holding a ‘Santa Cause’ campaign this year, you can hold your own events such as Christmas jumper day, coffee morning or Santa swim to raise money to donate to the campaign! The money will go towards creating a magical Christmas for the families affected.

Another option is Cool FM’s Cash For Kids Mission Christmas, you can collect kids Christmas presents under your office tree over the festive period as donations to help disadvantaged children enjoy Christmas.

Set Realistic Targets for the Month of December

Putting your staff under pressure during the Christmas period can end up being extremely disadvantageous to your company. Setting smaller realistic targets for your team can help them stay motivated as they can actually be achieved during the quieter December period. This also gives them something to work towards before splitting up for the break. Even tasks such as filing or clearing out that extremely messy store, that you’ve been procrastinating the whole year, can be set as a target!

Arrange your Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party’s are widely known as the messiest parties of the whole year! It gives everyone something to look forward to after working so hard all year. Let your team have a say in where they’d like to go, sometimes party planning can be a little bit more exciting than your usual day-to-day tasks.

Belfast has amazing venues on offer! No matter the size of your team, there’s multiple venues, bars and restaurants to hold your Christmas Party in the city centre but you need to ensure you enquire early enough to secure your booking as it can be extremely busy! Even planning a lunchtime trip to the Belfast Christmas Market always helps the team to stay in good spirits.

Knowing you only have a few weeks until you’re off for Christmas break can make your weeks and days absolutely drag in! You need to get your team distracted with fun and festive activities to make their days that little bit easier. Getting involved in charities and planning parties always helps with office morale.