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How ‘Deep Work’ re-affirms the need for Call Management and Virtual Assistance

A book which has sent shockwaves across many offices and has caused workers to re-evaluate how they work is Cal Newport’s ‘Deep Work’, which delves into the mental and productivity effects of distraction in both our personal and work lives. In his best seller, Newport discusses three topics in great length; Productivity, Focus and Clean Mind. Our Call Management Service facilitates all three and here’s how.

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Optimal Productivity

Cal Newport discusses how it only becomes possible to produce at your peak level by working for an extended period of time with full concentration, free of distraction.

With our Call Management Service, we can provide a distraction-free environment for you to work at your peak level. Our professional staff will handle your calls, acting as a trusted colleague in order to support confidentiality and client trust so you don’t have to compromise on work efficacy.

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Clean Mind

‘Deep Work’ also delves into the importance of freeing our minds from the clutter that accumulates from our environmental distractions. By assisting you in focusing on the task at hand without worrying about missed calls and call backs, our team can help facilitate a clean mind by filtering out unwanted calls and communicating missed calls in a which is easy to address without clogging up your workflow or voicemail box.

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Deep Focus

We all know how important it is to switch off and recharge our minds for the week ahead to avoid burn-out. So why do we torture ourselves by answering when the work phone rings at 4pm on a Saturday evening? Newport tells readers that it is necessary to wean your mind from distraction in order to deepen focus. We recognise the importance of maintain a healthy work-life balance for our clients which is why we offer Out of Hours and Weekend Call Management Support, giving you peace of mind when you leave the office. Our team is here to support you 7 days a week, allowing you to reclaim your weekends.

Newport’s novel has been read and adopted by the masses and supports the need for Call Management and Assistance in the workplace to allow you to harness the power of deep work.

If you would like to find out more about how our Call Management Service can help your business, contact us today.