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How can Call Management services help your business thrive?

Whether you are self-employed and struggling to keep up with your administrative workload or you manage a full team across multiple locations, the benefits of centralising your organisation’s call management far outweigh those of continuing to juggle telephone reception duties with key work internally.

Titanic Suites’ Call Management services enable you to take business calls on-the-go or out of office, screen sales and marketing calls, and successfully and seamlessly route calls to appropriate team members with minimal disruption to the way your internal teams operate.

By partnering with a member of the Titanic Suites team through the Call Management service, calls are funneled through your business’s virtual front desk and dealt with appropriately depending on your team’s unique requirements. From taking messages to transferring internal calls and helping to manage telephone queries, our team acts as a trusted colleague that delivers serious value by professionalising and building efficiency in your business.

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Improving quality of calls

We’ve all been there. You’re running to your next meeting and your mobile rings, catching you completely off guard. It’s your most important client, and you’re unprepared for the conversation! By outsourcing your call management, you can avoid being caught out and control when you are able to answer calls, and rest assured that when you are away from your desk, calls are being dealt with in a professional manner and not going missed.

We have also been investing over recent weeks in implementing new systems to streamline call management as the demand continues to increase for this service. Our service now easily extends beyond your desk phone with the roll-out of a helpful mobile call management phone app which can turn any phone into your work phone, providing you with even more flexibility for when you’re working from home, travelling, or on-site for the day.

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Maintaining that personal touch

In a place like Northern Ireland, locality is everything. So, when businesses outsource their customer service to foreign call centres, this can impact their perception as locally-oriented businesses. That’s why the personal service that Titanic Suites offers provides the personal solution for Northern Irish businesses, with calls answered by a Belfast-based team who hold local knowledge and personal relationships with your staff.

In addition to this friendly, relatable, and local support provided through call management, our team also offers complete professionalism and treats each call with utmost confidentiality, treating your business like our own business. When you’re happy, we’re happy, and this is reflected in the personal care and attention we give your calls and customer service.

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Helping you to save on admin

2020 has been an odd time for businesses, with many opting for remote working models with staff in multiple locations to maintain safety. Demands have also changed in terms of opening hours for businesses, services offered, and in some cases the ability to maintain administrative staff.

During these quieter times and with many reception desks currently unmanned across the country, outsourcing your call management could help to prevent extra strain on your team as they adjust to the ‘new normal’ and also maintain an aura of professionalism for clients and customers.

With out of hours and weekend answering also available, our team’s flexibility could improve your brand experience for customers and help ensure that every business enquiry has the best chance of being converted to another happy customer.

In support of the restaurant, hospitality and accommodation businesses across Northern Ireland who continue to navigate the constantly-changing work environment, Titanic Suites is also happy to share discount rates for clients who are facing continued closures, leaving offices empty and phone calls unanswered.

Want to learn more about how our Call Management service can help streamline how your business operates? Contact us today.