Titanic Suites | Choosing the Right Office Space for the New Year

Choosing the Right Office Space for the New Year

If you want to hit refresh on your business in the new year, why not start by finding a new office space that works for you and your team? Here at Titanic Suites, we cater your office space to you. Don’t know what exactly you’re looking for? Keep reading for our tips for choosing the right office space for the new year.

Easy to find?

Being visible is an extremely important piece of the puzzle. If clients can’t find you and there isn’t much foot traffic going past your doors, maybe you should reconsider your location. Have a think about the area. Is it close to transport links and shops? Here at Titanic Suites, we are in the heart of Belfast city centre, and are just a 2 minute walk from the city hall. We couldn’t be easier to find.


Offices all over the world have been using short term solutions to increase employee confidence. The pandemic could change the world of work forever. Social distancing and sanitization are of the utmost importance. Beginning the new year with a plan in place to keep your employees safe is easy with Titanic Suites. Our Belfast office spaces have hand sanitiser dotted throughout and allow for socially distanced meetings and desks.

What’s included or available?

Before signing up to an office space, it’s important to understand what is included and what is available to you. This will help with cost management and planning for bills. For example: Our offices are fully furnished, cleaned every evening and fully equipped with kitchens, a reception and amenities. Titanic Suites also offer a call handling service, meeting rooms, a board room, virtual offices and more.

Get a second opinion

We suggest running your decision by your team before deciding on a new office space for the new year. If it would add 30 minutes to a team member's commute, it mightn’t be a good fit. Let your team know that you value their opinion and will take them into account when making a decision. Seemingly tiny factors, such as the closest places to grab lunch, could make a big difference to your teams’ lives and overall happiness in the workplace.

Our Titanic Suites advice is to do your research when choosing the right office space for the new year. Look into what the office offers, where it is located and whether your staff like it. If you want to chat to us about a new office space, contact us today.