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Call Answering for Solicitors

Call answering for Solicitors

As we are nearly emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic and things are slowly returning to what we had previously known as “normal”, many companies have changed from their traditional way of work to different models which simply suit them more.

After being virtually paused for a year, our current solicitor clients are up to their eyes with their work. Our current clients range from independent solicitors who work on their own to large corporate firms with hundreds of employees.

Most larger firms seem to have adopted the hybrid working model over the last year and some have switched to working from home.

One of our clients in particular, is a small business with 5 employees. With zoom meetings on the rise and offices at home waiting for them, they really didn’t need to use their offices anymore as it was an expense they didn’t need personally.

Our clients had came to us in September as they had recently handed their notice in for their permanent office. They took on a virtual office and call answering with us. They call in twice a week to collect any mail and have their clients deliver any correspondence to our reception. This is then all placed in their pigeonhole to collect each day they’re in.

Any clients who prefer to have meetings in person are able to come in and meet their solicitor in our meeting rooms, these are booked ad hoc whenever the guys need them!

Their virtual office package boasts similar benefits to having physical premises without the cost! And they still can hold the impression that they are working in an office to their clients.

They’ve completed their virtual office solution with a call answering package. Their receptionist had recently left and moved onto another job, they thought they would give a call answering service a go before hiring anyone else. They already have a dedicated landline number which was pointed towards a number provided by us. This means they didn’t have to change their landline number during their move. It was very important to them that their number was kept the same as many of their clients would contact them this way.

Our reception answers all calls in their name. They asked us to distinguish between a new enquiry call and current case call, obtain their reference number, name, number and any other details which would help them identify the caller. We pass on all these details on an email to whom it may concern.

This allows all of the guys to prioritise different calls to help them get through their workload as efficiently as possible. They also don’t have to pay a full salary of another member of staff to get through the calls.

We’ve received unbelievable feedback from our clients with how much we’ve helped them in the running of their business. Our customer service has improved their relationship with clients and we’ve saved them money which can be used elsewhere to better the business.

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