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Call Answering for E-Commerce

Most businesses selling products have adapted their business models during and after the covid-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, most businesses were banned from using a click and collect service or from having any customers in their stores. This made it virtually impossible to sell their products and develop their businesses. This pushed business owners to modify their businesses by adding in an e-commerce and delivery option. As many of NI’s workforce were working from home or on furlough, online sales had massively increased due to the restrictions.

One of our long-standing clients, is a high-quality supplier of audio-visual equipment based outside Belfast. They have a store which customers normally called into and also have an e-commerce solution for their customers overseas. They noticed a massive increase of demand for their products during the pandemic. This means their call volume had massively increased but with the help of our reception team at Titanic Suites they were able to manage their growth effectively.

Most calls were people calling for updates on their orders, asking for tracking information or to speak to a salesperson about certain products. We have two different scripts when dealing with their callers, one for current orders and one for new orders.

For current orders, we take the caller’s name, order number, query, number and email address. Our client had requested that we inform the caller that they would receive a call back regarding their query within 24 hours. We would then pass on all these details to a certain contact who deals with all order queries. As these lines were so busy, this strategy allowed their team to manage urgent queries first and get back to their customers in their own time.

For new orders, we would take the caller’s name and product details of the product they were interested in. We would then call the store and transfer the call through to one of the salespeople to deal with their query. This means that their sales team were never missing a sale and ensuring their customer’s get the most efficient service.

By sticking to our two scripts for different calls, this reduces stress and increases efficiency for our clients!

We have received amazing feedback from our client of how we have helped their business over the past few years. We have become apart of their team and our receptionists have even gotten to know most of their products which can help us handle the calls better.

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