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Call Answering for Contractors


Contractors and tradesmen are ridiculously busy at the moment with a backlog of works that had been booked in before the pandemic, they’re still playing catch up. From home improvements and general works needing done around the house, everyone has been trying to get tradesmen in to complete the job.

Most tradesmen may work from their van or their own workshop and most commonly use mobiles as their business numbers. This can be so difficult as one person can not always answer their mobile while working.

One of our oldest clients, is an extremely busy roofing and construction company. They’re very popular around Belfast with an excellent reputation. As they’ve gotten busier over the past few years, they realised they can pay a set amount of money a month for our reception to answer their calls. This means when they’re working on a roof or meeting with prospective clients, they aren’t going to miss those important phone calls.

Our client still advertises their mobile number and takes calls as much as he can. If he doesn’t answer within a certain amount of rings, the call is then forwarded to us. This means his business will not miss important calls as he has a back-up reception.

Our reception team specifically take down the callers name, address, short description of what the caller is interested in and their mobile number. Our client usually prefers to call their customers back so there is no need for us to take email addresses.

We take different details down specific to each client. Other clients we have, want us to ask how the caller had came across their company. This means our call answering service aid them in finding out exactly where their leads are coming from.

We then pass an email onto our client, this means they can reply in their own time. We usually let the callers know that they’re onsite when they’ve called and inform them when to expect a call back.

We’ve really helped our client take control of managing their customers, we are a large part of their business now and a part of their team!

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