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Bring the Holiday Spirit to the Office

December is a busy month for everyone. The run up to Christmas is distracting in the office and oftentimes, your team mightn’t be as productive as they usually are. But instead of cracking down and ignoring the fast approaching holidays, here at Titanic Suites we have compiled a list of ways to bring the holiday spirit to the office.

Decorate your office

A great way to get the whole team involved and feeling festive is to decorate your office together. Hanging fairy lights around the room, installing a tree and swinging tinsel from the walls is the perfect way to transform your space from dreary winter office space to Belfast Santa’s grotto and bring the holiday spirit to the office. Blast a few festive tunes while you do so, invite the entire team and hey presto!

Secret Santa

Set a budget and put all your names in a hat to get started with Secret Santa. Eliminate the dreadful feeling that someone bought you a gift but they slipped your mind, and get the whole office involved! Having everyone excited and involved will help bring the holiday spirit to the office, as well as have people speaking to coworkers they usually wouldn’t and increase team building!

Organise your Christmas party in advance

Set a provisional date for the Christmas party and get planning. This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, it will be more difficult to organise your Christmas party in advance.

However, depending on restrictions and lockdowns where you are, it might be fun to organise something to mark Christmas and spend time recreationally together.

Christmas jumpers

Bring the holiday spirit to the office by organising a Christmas jumper day - or week! How about a Christmas jumper competition? Everyone can join in and choose a favourite from all your itchy old festive jumpers. Why not?!

Festive tunes

There are lots of holiday radio stations to choose from and play in the background while you work. Christmas music is a sure fire way to lift your team’s spirits and bring the holiday spirit to the office.

The run up to Christmas is busy and exciting, and here at Titanic Suites, we fully embrace the Christmas season and love to bring the holiday spirit to the office. Planning different events and finding fun ways to get your team in a Christmas mood are what we suggest in December. Christmas is coming, why not try it yourself?