Titanic Suites | 1 Year Later, Are you GDPR Compliant?

1 Year Later, Are you GDPR Compliant?

The most significant change in data privacy in 20 years is a year-old, but many businesses remain in the dark about compliance. At Titanic Suites Belfast, we want to shed some light on the matter and explain how you can identify data weaknesses in your business.


Pre-GDPR, some anticipated businesses being subject to regular data checks and colossal amounts of customer info purged. Championed as a take-back of consumer control GDPR, was supposed to be a game changer. The government created new data-related jobs and funds were annexed to enforce the rules. At one point, GDPR was touted as the next PPI; with people encouraged to challenge businesses who mishandled data.

While there were changes, the data-pocolypse never came to pass.


Initially, customers received countless emails alerting them to oncoming changes. Businesses asked people to opt-in to mailing lists they were part of, often with little success. One company sent customer's email addresses to each other in GDPR's least expected failure. Once the initial wave of 'We Value Your Privacy' emails ended, businesses rolled out stage 2: pop-ups.

While browsing our favourite sites, we were all suddenly exposed to pop-ups about cookies demanding consent. From a compliance perspective, it is essential that you have a privacy policy on your site. If your website lacks a policy, visit ours here to understand what is involved. If you plan on remarketing your site visitors, they must accept your cookies.


If you managed to navigate the above steps and still have a customer on your mailing list, there are rules regarding data storage. Some companies, depending on their scale and industry, are required to hire a DPO (data protection officer). You can find the guidelines around DPOs here. Companies must demonstrate that they take a privacy-led approach to securing data. Do not make data available to all staff, only those whose role involves using, processing or storing data.

The information you do store must have been acquired directly from the customer. Facebook, considered a massive loser in GDPR terms, had to surrender information obtained from Experian for example. Referrals to business have also changed. You can no longer add a friend to a mailing address as part of a competition for example.


GDPR has managed to affect the big-hitters, just not as much as anticipated. In total, over €53m of fines have been handed out, although Google did account for €50m. Elsewhere, Facebook is said to have lost one million users to the changes in Europe. Infact, Zuckerburg was also embroiled in other battles at the time, including Cambridge Analytica.

Failure to comply with the one-year-old laws could prove costly, and fines can reach up to 4% of turnover. Ignoring the changes is not sustainable. If you feel you are falling behind areas like data management or responding to customer queries, we can help.


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