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"Belfast is a city which, while not forgetting its past, is living comfortably with its present and looking forward to its future." James Nesbitt, Actor, Patron of Lyric Belfast.

It's true that we are biased, even our name is inextricably linked to our city, but we firmly believe Belfast is a brilliant place to work. The town is small, but it's packed full of fun and opportunity. Before you decide where to work, read this, then choose where in Belfast you'll be based. Let's begin the 5 Reasons to Work in Belfast.

Belfast is the capital of cool.

We're the capital of cool. This is not a personal opinion; we're far too modest for that. Instead, Qantas named the city the capital of cool in 2017. Since then, Lonely Planet deemed Belfast as 'The Best Place to Visit in 2018'. Our reputation is not founded on weekenders and short stays; we're also an emerging student hub. The resident population have created demand for the arts, entertainment and electrified the city.

Cool fact: Led Zepplin fist played Stairway to Heaven in Belfast's Ulster Hall.

Belfast is Affordable.

Belfast isn't just a great place to live; it's affordable. According to the Movers Database, rent prices are on average 284% lower in Belfast than in London. Other living costs such as wifi, groceries and transport remain more moderate than in NY, London & Dublin.

Decreased living costs do not make for bad reading in terms of salaries. At +£24,000 per annum, workers in Belfast can expect to earn more than their counterparts in Liverpool.

Belfast is Working.

Payscale.com determines that software related jobs are amongst the most popular in Belfast. The recent boom in IT related roles have placed the city at the forefront of smart industries such as cybersecurity and software engineering. More nomadic workers are taking advantage of hot-desking and temporary offices as they grow a client base. The broader growth in the city is creating space for entrepreneurs to thrive. 

The opportunities in tech are supported by the city's world-renowned universities and colleges.

Belfast is Accessible.

At Titanic-Suites our residents come from all different parts of the city and beyond. Our City Centre suites house entrepreneurs who drive, walk, cycle and use public transport reach us. The City Hall is the hub for transportation around the city, with buses leaving for all parts of the town throughout the day. For those coming from further afield, park and ride bus services make reaching Titanic Suites convenient.

Like Dublin and London, Belfast has a cycle scheme 'Coca-Cola' Bikes which allow people to dart across town in minutes.

Belfast is Beautiful

Again, forget that we are biased. Belfast is beautiful inside and out. Our small city is surrounded by natural beauty spots and filled with equally impressive buildings. The city's architecture draws tourists from all over the world who want to explore the famed Titanic Museum, Central Library and QUB's Lanyon Building. At Titanic Suites, we are fortunate to be just a 2-minute walk from City Hall and the surrounding restaurants and coffee shops.

Most importantly, the people in Belfast make it unique. Jury's Inn described it as one of the friendliest cities in the UK & Ireland. The international viral content site Buzzfeed claimed that Belfast's locals were the Number 1 reason to come to the city in their superb '46 Reasons to Never Leave Belfast' list.

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